I met a gentleman today out on the street corner.  He was looking somewhat lost and confused.  We made eye contact and he asked me if I would help him find a local bar in the area that he was familiar with.  Immediately I was saddened by the reality that their are some individuals who truly are beginning to drink at this hour.  It was noonish.  I brushed the thought aside and said to myself as I often do “Tif, you don’t know this man nor do you know his story so focus on the next indicated step” which was to help him find the location he was in search of.

A Walk

We walked together and began discussing life and the fact that his wife had passed away 37 1/2 days ago………My heart constricted and I could tangibly feel his pain and the sadness in his heart.  I began wondering how one walks through those lonely days of grief that are counted one by one and immediately I began wondering why we don’t “count” the days together.  The days spent laughing, loving and making sweet love?  We count years……What would happen if we began counting each day in the reverse of this man who was mourning?  What would happen if we celebrated every single day as a magic gift that could just as easily withheld?

The Gift

How might our lives change?  How might our view of the world and those traveling through our world be different?  Today i’ve decided to count as number 1.  Today i’m alive and breathing and so incredibly thankful for everyone on my journey.  Some have been with me for years and some only for a matter of days or weeks….regardless It’s still a beautiful day in my life to be alive and to be able to travel it with all of you!  Thank you for your presence in physical world but also for your presence in my heart and in my mind……….