About Tifane’

Tifané Falvey

People have always been my playground, my reason for smiling each and every morning. My desire to help has always been a strong passion which is now fueled by my life experiences. I have been called an “old soul” by many friends and strangers who recognize the wisdom collected from years of life’s often painful lessons. I’m inspired, motivated and drawn towards supporting and creating change, movement, and forward momentum. Coaching allows me to provide an atmosphere that encourages growth and success for each and every client. I have spent years integrating my experiences, skills and always present humor into a professional coaching career.

My strengths as a coach

are direct honesty, integrity and genuine care and passion. My relationships are based on respect, authenticity, and a mutual desire to move towards growth, health and true happiness. I create a sense of fun and humor in my relationships allowing for laughter, even in moments of unhappiness or frustration. I have strong intuition and have used it effectively as a tool to enhance the coaching process. The human experience can be challenging and uncharted at times. My goal is to assist you in finding and reading your unique map to success, love and happiness.



On a personal note

In 2005 my youngest son was born severely brain damaged due to a virus I contracted during my 6th month of pregnancy. He is a “pillow angel” unable to fully occupy his physical body. My relationship with him has taught me firsthand about the mind/body/sprit connection. I incorporate these life lessons in everything I say and do. When I gaze into my sons’ eyes I am reminded that we are more than our physical bodies, more than our accomplishments, more than how others perceive us. We are whole, beautiful and complete exactly as is. We each have a unique journey to travel, special gifts and abilities to help us succeed and find that place our soul calls “home”.