Change is Good



I’m offering you an opportunity to change.  I am bold, courageous and aware of truths that open up a whole new playing field.  I speak my thoughts freely sensing what needs to be said.  If you’re looking for someone with a great bedside manner than hire a nurse!  I’m part solider, part commander, part friend, part lover, comic yet serious, always happy and excited to explore your past, present and future.

I will nudge you to look at the parts of yourself that have been neglected.  I will revel in your beauty and your strengths, always committed to teaching you how to see your strengths and use your assets.  I am relentless, unstoppable and will work with you until you feel satisfied.  My passion contagious, free flowing and always tapped waiting for you to come and drink freely from the well of possibility and creativity.  I am with you whether we’re speaking on the phone, setting across from each other or separated by time or distance.  I am committed to being part of your process.  The truth is that your process is my process.  You are the part that is important to the whole universe.  The mind/body and spirit and all interconnected.   I work with all three to create the master key that unlocks your mind and reveals your potential.   Are you ready?  Are you committed to changing what doesn’t work?  Are you ready to walk through the doorway of possibility?  Perhaps you should start now not Monday?

I am a graduate of a rigorous Certified Profession Coach (CPC) program at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC); iPEC is one of a handful of programs in the United States that is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for direct certification.

In addition to my official coaching education I’ve earned several PHD’s in life.  I believe that my vast life experience has prepared me in a most thorough way.  Life is meant to be lived, to be enjoyed and mostly to be experienced.  I have embraced the grand adventures that only life can offer.

I have a gift for transmuting pain into power.  I can take the darkest memory or feeling you have and turn it into the brightest source of power and freedom.  If you’re even a little curious and a part of you is ready to accept my dare to let go of the pain you’ve become so accustomed to then start by saying to yourself “I am enough, this is enough, enough is enough! I dare you to do what you’ve been dreaming is possible. Believe in your possibilities by calling right NOW not Monday for your free 20min consultation.