Are you tired of feeling like a victim in your relationship or marriage? Do you feel like you’re turning yourself inside out in order to please your partner, only to realize that it doesn’t work, your partner is still not happy? Do you wish you could stop the conflict, the constant arguing and the gnawing feeling that lives in the pit of your stomach?

Are you tired and frustrated with the perpetual cycle of ups and downs that seem to plague your relationship? Does your happiness depend on your partners’ happiness? Does your relationship bring out the best or the worst in you? In other words do you feel like a nicer, better person when you’re around your friends or co-workers? Do you find yourself avoiding the real issues so that you may keep the peace?

If this sounds familiar, I’ve got news for you. Relationships are meant to feel good, to support you, to accept you and allow you to be the wonderful person that you are. Relationships are meant to encourage your growth and happiness.

I have developed a system for healthy, happy relationships that begins with you. We all realize that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time so first we must let go of what’s not working so that we may create space for what is working. Begin to allow that which causes you pain to drift away and accept the proven system that will attract all the love and intimacy you deserve. Decide that you’re good enough. Decide that you are whole, perfect and complete exactly as you are. Take back your sense of self, of purpose and of power within your life and your relationships. At the end of your life only two things will matter, how much you loved and how much others loved you. Start now, not Monday!