How to be happy?  Isn’t that a question many of us ask ourselves?  Aren’t we constantly looking for the secret to happiness? Why? Because happiness is our natural state.  Happiness is the state in which we feel most at home.  How do we maintain this happiness that is our birthright?

First of all happiness is a choice and if it’s a choice then how do we choose it?  We start by choosing thoughts that are consistent with supporting the desired feeling of happiness.  This can be difficult especially if your situation feels hopeless.  The method of using your thoughts to attract happiness will take practice.  It’s like a muscle that must be used repeatedly in order to be consistently strong and reliable.  It’s a practice that must be used over and over until it’s mastered.

So today lets begin the happiness practice.  Sift through the thoughts of your mind and attract a thought that feels light, “springy” and happy.