Alright so you’re clear on what it is that you’d like to manifest.  How does a Life Coach such as myself begin to help you attain those wants, needs or desires?  The most powerful and quick way to manifest is by feeling as if you’re already received that which you’re wanting.  For example lets say that you’d like to manifest something “material” such as a new car.  How might you feel once you’ve got your hands upon the steering wheel of this new rig?  Feel into the complete sensation of owning this new vehicle.  How does it smell, feel on under your body or beneath your fingers?  How does it feel when your friends or strangers see you driving by in your “COOL” new car?  Every “held” thought eventually becomes “form”.  Sustained and consecutive thought is by far the most challenging part of manifestation.

Your “mind chatter” may try to convince you that you do not in fact own this cool new car.  Studies have proven that the brain cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction.  Your unconscious mind or thoughts believe everything they are thinking even though your conscious mind knows that it is not real.  For example when you watch a really scary movie your unconscious mind overrides your conscious thoughts and starts producing chemicals within your body that you would have if in fact you were really scared.  Obviously you should not be scared at all because your conscious mind knows that the movie is in fact a fake, a fraud, a group of actors portraying a story for our entertainment.

Guys and girls, your unconscious mind is ALIVE and creating your life as you think each and every thought, every minute of every day!  Watch those thoughts closely.  They will become your reality.  Focus on the new car, the fresh love, the hot body, the million dollars, the trip to fuji, health, wealth or anything your your mind can perceive and HOLD THAT THOUGHT!


Once you begin to work the “thought” muscle you will become stronger and more powerful at creating all the wealth and abundance you desire.

Over and Out from beautiful Boise, Idaho