I been thinking about life, love and the pursuit of manifestation.  Everyone seems to be searching for something, someone or somewhere.  What if you arrived at your programed destination?  How would you feel then?  What would you do if all the striving melted away into the perfection of arriving?  You’re there!  You have all the wealth, the love, the happiness that you could ever dream of.  Now what?  Ponder this deeply for a moment.  How would you fill each and every day?  What would motivate you to get out of bed? What would be your reason for living?  What is the thing that makes your heart soar each and every day?  A client of mine did this exercise and came to the conclusion that the reason he wanted to attain all the wealth and material success is because deep down naturally he was an extremely generous man and wanted desperately to be able to give……to give to his wife, to give to his children, his friends, his family, a stranger on the street.  He just wanted to give because it gave him a great sense of purpose and passion.  I suggested that although he hadn’t reached the level of wealth and monetary gain that he desired that he begin to explore generosity of spirit.  He looked at me for a moment as if I was speaking chinese.  “How do I do that”? he asked.  I asked him what gifts of soul and spirit he had to give right now at the present moment.  He gave me a list that was wonderfully full of actions that he could take as he walked out of my office that didn’t require a single dime.  He left with a renewed sense of purpose.  This man has sense gained a level of material success and wealth that most men only dream of and he began his journey sitting before me struggling outwardly to excavate a wealth that can only be brought forth through internal work.  If you’re ready to excavate and uncover the true source of your own personal key to wealth & success give the Boise Life Coach a call.