Yesterday while on my run I noticed a $20 bill laying on the ground all alone just waiting for me to scoop the money up. I happily did so and with a smoothness that implied that I had expected that $20 bill to land on my path. If you were a passing observer it would have looked as if i’d dropped something of my own…A tissue or perhaps my ear buds.

Old Path

I began to ponder my actions…….Ever since I was a little girl I have anticipated miracles, i’ve anticipated love and opportunity to fall out of the “tree’s” and into my lap.  Amazingly, I have a resume of said events that would fill several magical books of experiences that some may file under the heading of “fiction”.


I’m here to tell you that it is NOT fiction but reality.  Money, love and opportunity can and does often fall from the heavens above if you allow yourself to first imagine what the experience would look and feel like in your life.  The first time I found money was when I was 6 years old.  I had been dreaming about having “dollars” which sounds funny to the adult me but the little girl in me wanted to have money like my Mom and Dad.

I dreamed about the real cash….imagined it in my hands and fantasized about what I would do with it. While walking through the grocery store with my Mom I saw an envelope on the ground which looked a little tattered and benign to the naked eye.  I scooped it up excitedly anticipating something unknown inside…Sure enough there was $400 in 20’s all snuggled together.

My little heart almost jumped out of my body! My Mom instantly grabbed the envelope out of my hands and said that I could not keep it! We needed to turn it in to lost and found which felt strangely violating to me even at such a young age.  I had found this money and clearly it was meant for me…wasn’t it?? Against my little girl judgement we did turn the money into the customer service. They said that they would call us if Nobody reported missing the envelope. I said to myself “Hey, that’s great, my fortune is now reliant on “NOBODY” claiming it.” It felt like a sick spiritual trick and my young mind couldn’t understand the dichotomy. Guess what?!?  Nobody did report that envelope and I was able to keep ALL of the money!

Can you imagine finding the love of your life and a God saying to you…”I know you’ve found something magical and mystical on your path but i’d like to hold this love of yours for a week or so in case another would like to claim him/her”.   I did not believe then or now that life or God was meant to work that way!

The Whispered Truth

My life has followed this trajectory for 40 years now.  What’s the secret?  The secret is that more often than not the physical thing that we desire is simply an experience. The desired experience can be delivered in many shapes and sizes……The opportunity to seize dream experiences must be realized before hand so that you’ll recognize opportunity when it arrives…….So many people had walked past that envelope before my little hands grabbed it.  They didn’t see it as valuable or something worth bending down for and thus I became the recipient of a 6 years olds fortune….The envy of all my siblings and friends.

Love works in quite the same way.  No one can know the time or the hour that love will strike.  No one can predict the appearance of love or the taste that will ultimately draw all your senses into an obsessed desire to indulge in only ONE flavor despite the buffet of flavors available at any given moment.  When you expect love to fall from the sky you will behave and act very differently.  You will look for it in the most “tattered envelopes”.  You will spend the time to bend down to pick up the mystery package sitting so perfectly on your path.

Love & Money

Love, money and opportunity are EVERYWHERE!   Wait for it………look for it……..fantasize about it’s arrival and when inspired REACH!  Reach for that which inspires you to believe that somewhere hidden within life, within the traffic and within the illusion of lack there is in fact money that falls from the sky and love that arrives right on time…….There’s opportunity currently searching for you!

How prepared are you to RECEIVE?