I took my car to the shop this morning for a little love and affection.  I am new to the town of Boise, Idaho and  have limited resources when it comes to finding impromptu rides.  I decided last night that it would be a fine day for a walk.  It’s a short 4 mile walk from the shop to my office.  I woke up this morning to a light drizzle.  Hmmmm, this was not part of my plan but will prove to be part of my journey.

As I began my walk I quickly started to perceive many sights and sounds that I never would have had I driven this same stretch of road.  I have indeed driven this stretch of road many times and I’d like to think that I know it well.  I started to think about all the times i’d been so focused on my destination that i’d missed out on the stretch of road between the A and B.  This morning the distance from A to B was filled with a richness that I would not have traded for a speedy delivery to my office.   My advice for today is to take your mind and thoughts off of your destination and focus on what lies in between.  It may be as simple as a strangers smile or the sadness you notice is your friends eyes.  What can you see today that you missed yesterday?  What part of your journey have you been sidestepping or avoiding?  Allow your focus to soften, allow your eyes to settle upon the life that is all around you.