Why do so many of us look towards another to satisfy our need for safety.  The safest place I can think of is within…..When the weather turns bad we head for shelter, we head for a warm place inside.  Obviously our preference would always be our own home and secondly someone else’s.  Everything we need, everything we have collected and grown to love is safely tucked within the corners of our home.  Doesn’t seem to matter if we rent or own, if it’s big or small, clean or cluttered. The important thing is that it’s our safe place to let the world melt away and allow the real us to come out and play.

What if we lived our lives as if our safe place was right within our soul?  What if we carried that safety and protection around with us wherever we went?  What if we were our own knight and shining armor?  What is our self dialog was warm, soft and full of comfort? What if there’s no one who understands us better?  What if you showed your soul the same love you showed your lover?  What if you allowed the imperfections to be masterpiece’s of great, giant proportions?  It’s the imperfections I love most in my lover….it’s the quirks that bring a smile to my face, the way they like their coffee, the smell of them after a long, hard  sweat, the way they look first thing in the morning, the idiosyncrasies that are unique to them and only them.

Today, choose to embrace yourself with the same openness that you would afford a lover.  The same acceptance you would have for an  innocent child who just tripped and spilled his juice.  Love, love is the key to feeling safe and protected.  I choose to be safe.  I choose to be loved.  Today I choose to be protected.