The messages we receive on a daily basis about any and everything are most often “heard” by the mind, the body and the spirit.  When we distract ourselves with loudness, constant noise that drowns out any shred of intuition we may possess life itself becomes dull.   When we “listen” we find that we can “hear”.  Stop for a moment and tune into the sounds that you don’t think you can hear….Usually this happens in the middle of the night because most sounds tend to die down at those hours but in reality you can train your ears to tune into the sounds at any time of day.

The question I ask each and every one of you today is….If the dialog or sounds coming from those around you had hidden, encrypted messages being delivered just for you, for your growth and development, for your happiness and wellbeing….What would they be?  Listen today to the words of those around you, listen today to the answers that are begging to find a home.   Pick a question that you’d like an answer to and ask it.  Write it down on a piece of paper and see if by the end of the day you haven’t come up with the answer.  You may not receive an answer instantly but be sure that your subconscious mind has the answer and will find a way to deliver it to you once you’re ready to receive it.

Sending health and happiness from Boise, Idaho