Today life feels different and free. The leaves have decided to go and that inspires me to allow my own desires to fall from my tree of stability. My stability comes from the core of my being as opposed to the fragile leaves of external, tangible wants, needs or desires. My friends may look at my leaves as they turn and initially they might say “isn’t she beautiful”? “Look at her colors.” Soon they comments will turn dark. She’s lost her sparkle or what do you think is going on in her world? She doesn’t seem as much fun as she once was. I go within my beautiful trunk and absorb the strength of the earth as I prepare for bright green new growth.

New, Fresh, and Alive

I sleep and I grow. I sleep and I pause as the cold snow swirls my branches and the nests I’ve built that are now exposed to the bitter cold. Soon the sun will warm my soul and I’ll feel the tiny stirrings of life beginning once again after the rest of reflection has past. Embrace fall and allow the silence of November to blanket your soul.